Saturday, February 27, 2010

and SNOW it goes...SNOW JOB....36 inches and counting!

Our little hamlet is getting snowed on again. We've had about 4 feet of snow and intermittent electric power. The horses think they are back at a show barn with daily exercise taking place in the indoor arena. We have had 6 beautiful foals so far and 10 to go, thank goodness we are on hiatus this week with all the crazy weather.

And of course, as breeding season begins we've had a flurry of owners and agents trekking through the storm to evaluate our handsome stallion Wild Desert. Friends, why didn't you come when the roads were clear!

To all my partners in Florida....enjoy! What a time it is in Westerlo -- perhaps I should rename this post, the real cost of breeding NY-Breds (LOL)!

From the rooftop ~ Susan.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Timeless Miracle of Life

Here at UR Stable in Greenville, we've had a flurry of activity over the past few weeks--2010 started with several new arrivals into the broodmare barn, the relocation of stallion WILD DESERT to our stable yard, construction of new shed-rows, and preparing the foaling barn with heat lamps, towels, cameras, and extra straw. All of these considerations, married with the day-to-day demands of running a business and caring for horses, made the short January days seem endless in an already cold New York winter.

Yet this season, despite its desolation, brings with it the anticipation of new life and beautiful new faces to accompany us on our journey towards Spring.

Even after many years of delivering babies, each one holds such unique promise. The sight of a new baby standing for the first time both warms the soul and gives meaning to the work we trudge through in the ice and snow. To witness the miracle of birth, to watch a life enter this world in total wonderment and see firsthand the god-given instincts inherent in mare and foal is amazing. It refreshes our gratitude by reminding us of our most basic and still astounding privileges--to breathe and be sustained by the universe surrounding us.

Everyone has a passion, and mine is unquestionably horses.To me, it is so rewarding to take part in this process, and with my participation comes the awesome responsibility of ensuring a healthy life for this animal. At UR Stable, horses are part of our extended family! Here are two of the newest members, both born on February 2nd:
What a difference a day makes!
24 hours later Appro's little girl looks more
like her big daddy WILD DESERT!
Appro (Stuka) affectionately kisses her new little girl
by Wild Desert born at 12:30AM on Feb. 2nd.

24 hours later at play ready to rock and roll!

Wild Desert - You be Nice (Jade Hunter) filly
born at 3:45 AM on February 2, 2010

Remember ... Every horse is a Blessing, Susan.