Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Life, New Hope, Derby Dreams for 2014....

336 days ago I stood with Motel Malibu as she and Wild Desert created a life that entered this world at 6:30pm this evening. It is a frigid night in New York. I was hoping the girls would hold-off on foaling for a few more days, at least until we hit 40 -- not!

It was an under-the-weather kind of day for me. As I bundled up to head to the barn, I said to my husband, "please, no babies tonite -- it is soooo cold". Upon entry to the foaling Street Wheeling lay resting, Frances G eating, Smokin Nails playing with her newborn, Austin peering across at Malibu. Austin's expression said it all, and there stood Malibu in the position I know so well. Two front feet and a nose, always a relief to start in the right position...all-in-all it was an easy delivery. Malibu, now 17, was really spent for a good hour afterwards. This was a bit surprising as she is a very active mare in good shape. With blessings and luck in another three years our boy will be a star among his peers like his classic-winning Daddy. So I hope, so I dream -- here is UR newest addition....at about 45 minutes into life on planet earth!

Already walking all over his mother!

Knowing a horse from conception and helping it enter this world is an awesome privilege and equally daunting responsibility as we care for our horses throughout all stages of life. We encourage, and help our colleagues do the same. Whether raising, racing, re-training, or retiring UR Stable has resources you can count on to make life better for your horses.

Any name suggestions? We could have fun with Wild, Motel, Desert, Malibu...Wild Mo like Uncle Mo?

With unbridled joy I am off to sleep! Sweet dreams my friends ~ Susan.