Saturday, June 12, 2010

Belmont puts Mott back on top in June -- That's Life in the world of thoroughbred racing

Bill Mott revealed the long and arduous process of winning his first Triple Crown race in a recent NYRA Live Chat, "The preparation that goes into a win starts six months or a year before the horse actually runs and wins. The preparation is a gradual. It takes a long time to get them up to the level of winning a race like the Belmont Stakes." Click here to read the full transcript on NYRA site.

While filming the first few seasons of Unbridled I galloped horses at Saratoga for Bill Mott. Of all the horsemen I have worked for he was by far the most particular about how his horse's were ridden -- the stride, the rhythm, the timing, the cadence. His perception from the ground as to what a rider feels atop a horse is exquisitely accurate. I learned more from Bill in the handful of tutorials he gave me on galloping than in many previous years going round-and-round the historic oval on Union Avenue. 

In my unbridledTV interview with Bill Mott he shared his goal to win Triple Crown races. For a deeper look inside the Mott Racing Stable and the guiding philosophy to this trainer's success -- click here to watch Bill Mott on YouTube.

Congratulations to WinStar and all of the Drosselmeyer connections.

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