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Buy for the next 5 days, get 100% Depreciation, Race for the Richest purses in the country with hardly any a New York minute....

In New York $39,000,000 is up for grabs:
  •  600-plus restricted New York-bred races with $35-plus million in NY-Bred purses
  • Over 40 stakes races with total purses exceeding $4 million scheduled annually
According to the Jockey Club, ONLY 4,287 foals were born and registered in NY over the past 3 years:

• 2008: 1,741 Registered (4YOs of 2012, 5YOs 2013, 6YOs 2014, and so on)
• 2009: 1,638 Registered (3YOs of 2012, 4YOs 2013, 5YOs 2014, 6YOs 2015, and so on)
• 2010:   908 LF Report (2YOs of 2012, 3YOs 2013, 4YOs 2014, 5YOs 2015, 6YOs 2016, and so on)
ONLY these horses are eligible to race in company restricted exclusively for NY-Breds.
According to Jockey Club statistics only about 2/3rd of live foals reported actually start in a race.  So, about 3,000 thoroughbreds will be competing annually for $39,000,000 in purses designated for NY-Breds.
THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY TO GET IN IS NOW. All the buzz and reality of increased purses already has resulted in horses shipping into NY from all over the country. I do not believe that we will ever again see such small crops in New York as 2008-2011.
Why New York-Breds Now?
VLTs at Aqueduct generate a $40-million increase in prize money distributed at Belmont, Aqueduct and Saratoga.  Here is an example of the effect of VLTs on NY-purse money:
New York-bred races:
 Maiden Special Weight - $55,000 for routes, $50,000 for sprints, up from $39,000 and $38,000
 Allowance N1X - $57,000 for routes, $52,000 for sprints, up from $41,000 and $40,000
 Allowance N2X - $59,000 for routes, $54,000 for sprints, up from $43,000 and $42,000
Open Company races: NY-Breds earn an 20% extra prize bonus winning in open company!
 Maiden Special Weight - $65,000 for routes, $60,000 for sprints, up from $43,000 and $42,000
 Allowance N1X - $67,000 for routes, $62,000 for sprints, up from $45,000 and $44,000
 Allowance N2X - $69,000 for routes, $64,000 for sprints, up from $47,000 and $46,000
 Overnight Stakes - $80,000 for routes, $75,000 for sprints, up from $60,000
 Claiming $10k - $31,000 for routes, $30,000 for sprints, up from $21,000 and $20,000

NY-BRED RESTRICTED RACES: In NY there are 600-plus restricted New York-bred races with $35-plus million in NY-Bred purses. Unlike "open company" races which allow horses from anywhere in the world to compete for the purse, "restricted races", like their very name, are restricted to a specific group of uniquely qualified horses -- and the level and number os competitors is substantially smaller. This is the real NY-Bred advantage, more money, less competition -- and that's before we even get to stakes races and open company bonuses!

Another plus for NY-Breds is that all restricted wins, including those in NY-Bred races, DO NOT count against open company Allowance conditions. This means a NY-Bred can win the NY-Bred Maiden Special Weight, the NY-Bred N1X, and the NY-Bred N2X and then still be eligible for the open company N1X, etc. Non-NY-Breds do not have this loophole and must move into the open company N1X immediately after its maiden win. A NY-Bred that has the ability to get through the NY-Bred N2X should have earned in excess of $100,000 BEFORE running in open company N1X. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN when it comes to racing NY-Breds in New York.
NY-Bred Stakes Races: NYRA and Finger Lakes (4 tracks throughout the State) present 40 stakes race with total purses exceeding $4 million. Races are offered for different age groups, on dirt and turf, from 6 furlongs to a mile and an eighth.
Every October, the New York Thoroughbred Breeders and Belmont Park conduct New York Showcase Day -- a card of stakes races exclusively for registered NY-Breds designed to showcase NY’s best state-bred runners. In 2011, over $900,000 was paid out in seven races for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds and up run from 6 furlongs to 1 1/8 mile on both dirt and turf. It culminates with the $200,000 Empire Classic for 3-year-olds and up going 1 1/8 mile. Read about in Forbes!
Sales Prices for NY-Breds up, up, and away...
OBS August – All horses +15% - New York-breds +40%
Keeneland September - All horses +18% - New York-breds +3%
Fasig-Tipton Eastern Fall - All horses +16% - New York-breds +37%
Fasig-Tipton Kentucky Fall - All horses +76% - New York-breds +62%

You don't have to be a math whiz to see the awesome opportunity NY-Breds born in 2009, 2010, and 2011 have to win the most money of any NY-Breds past.
Investors who have substantial income that they want to shelter, and who want to invest in the horse business with the intention of making a profit can take 100% depreciation if the buy their horses in the next 5 days more (Equine Law Journal).
Unbridled Racing is pleased to offer a NY RACING TEAM of 15 sound, solid thoroughbreds for outright sale as a business opportunity:

  • 7 yearlings (2010)
  • 4 Two-year-olds (2009)
  • 1 Three-year-old (2008)
  • 1 Four-year-old (2007) 2x winner.
  • 2 Stakes-producing mares.
All are proven race families, stakes pedigrees, sired by top stallions including BIG BROWN, all will pass vet inspection.
Ready to live your dream and dominate the Sport of Kings? Email and get a NY-Bred today!

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