Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Girls & Clint Galloping This AM

1st set: Speedy (Baal Perazim) & Clint galloping together this AM in the Husdon can see the differences in their way of going...Speedy a sprinting rocket, and Clint a sojourner over the grass....

2nd set: Brownie & Wild Siren, both elegant movers and very easy to ride at any distance, on any surface.

All are NY-Breds, foaled, raised, and trained with love. Each now getting ready to ship to Saratoga when it opens April 15th. Watch for UR Stable in the winner's circle....see them all as babies below!

Wild Siren at 5-months with her mother Appro.

Clint Eastwood Getting Some Tail at 3-weeks.

Brownie with all 4 feet off the ground at just 4-weeks!
Speedy at 5 months on the day she arrived at UR Stable.

Now they are ready to send off to college!

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