Sunday, March 24, 2013

Susan Kayne, The Horse’s Advocate

Thank you Rob Rubsam & About Town!

Unbridled Racing was another. Created as a means of providing investments in thoroughbred horses to those who would normally be priced out of such things, it also allowed Kayne to keep a hand in the horses she bred, guaranteeing their post-racing careers in showing. Originally based out of Greene County, the operation was moved to the Clermont Farm in Tivoli several years ago, so as to use its indoor track and birthing stalls, as well as to take advantage of its proximity to the Belmont and Saratoga racetracks.
But Unbridled Racing recently ended as a commercial entity. When I conducted this interview in November, Kayne said that she was only fulfilling a few more obligations before closing her doors, and several months later the website is down, and UR’s official Facebook page lists it as a "former partnership," though she has started a blog meant to discuss issues with horse racing. Which leads to the strongest, and most recent, of Kayne’s passions: animal activism. In her view, drug culture on racetracks, particularly in New York, has gotten out of hand, and she can’t contribute to a system like that by breeding horses into it. READ MORE...

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